New benefits for our employees: health, family, and career

We were a small family business in 2016. Today we are based in modern production premises and have almost 50 employees. We know that they – conscientious, responsible, and constantly learning people – are the driving force of this company. To give our team members back what they give us, we have created a new benefits system for them.

We care about health

As a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for private labels, we know how important health is. 


​​We provide meals for the people who work for us. We try to vary their menus regularly to ensure they have a diverse and varied diet, so they have enough energy both at and outside of work.


Coffee and tea lovers will surely agree that a cup of hot beverage can make the morning pleasant and help recharge energy during the day. That’s why our team can enjoy free coffee and tea anytime, alongside work.


After work, it’s also important to unwind and take time for yourself. To encourage our employees to relax, we have prepared a monthly massage and rehabilitation bonus at our partner rehabilitation centre.

Staráme sa o zdravie zamestnancov

Family comes first

We were founded as and still are a family business, which is why it’s not just about team-building events for us. We try to remind our people that we are thinking about them during the most important events of their lives.


To help our staff enjoy this special event even more, the bride or groom receives a one-off bonus from us.

Birth of a child

The arrival of a baby into the world is, like a wedding, a unique moment in the life of each of us. We know what a great life change it is. We will give our new parents a one-off bonus to make it easier for them to adapt to the situation.

Life anniversary

We celebrate the birthdays of our employees. Depending on the company’s performance, the management may decide on a life anniversary bonus at 40, 50 and 60 years.

Rodina je na prvom mieste

Career benefits

The success of a company is hidden in hard work. That’s why we’re happy to reward people for their efforts and extra work.

Performance bonus

If someone gives an exceptional performance or performance that brings significant economic benefit to the company, they may receive a special bonus. The bonus is subject to the approval of the HR department and management.

Anniversary in the company

We value loyal employees, so we reward them for 2, 5, 10 and 15 consecutive years at the company.

New employee recommendation

Employees can recommend a candidate to us for an open position. If we enter into a full-time employment contract with that candidate, the employee will receive a referral reward at the end of the candidate’s probationary period.

Karierne benefity

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