The new hall will help us streamline the production of nutritional supplements

Last year we celebrated the 5th anniversary of launching the production of private label supplements. Now we have another milestone in the company. Moving to new premises near Košice Airport will be beneficial not only for us, but also for our customers.

The new premises have a total area of 2,600 m² and include a warehouse with a capacity of 1,200 pallets, which is three times more capacity than before. The main reasons for moving were logistics and the need for larger storage space, as we used 100% of the warehouse capacity in the original premises. We are currently using a third of the capacity here, which gives us room for further development.

Príprava nového skladu

Preparation of a new warehouse


For the company, the new hall means streamlining internal processes. We can improve the handling of goods, as we have the production of nutritional supplements and a warehouse under one roof. Until now, we have moved raw materials and products between several buildings, which was not optimal from a logistics perspective.

At the same time, we get a better overview of all production stages – from raw materials to the final product. It will also ensure that workload is spread more efficiently among our employees. At the same time, they have new changing rooms and rest areas, which means a more pleasant working environment.

Jeden zo strojov v novej výrobnej hale

One of the machines in the new production hall


A larger building enables us to increase production capacity. We can prepare more than six times higher product volumes with the new powder blender. We have also invested in a single-dose packaging machine, which will help us increase the quality of packaging.

At the same time, this should result in an acceleration of the nutritional supplement production process. Better supervision of the whole process and centralization of responsibilities should, in turn, increase product quality.

Soon, we plan to strengthen the administration team to respond to customer inquiries more efficiently. We plan further projects in the future, which creates the potential for team expansion. We ourselves are curious about what the new stage in the company development will bring us.

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