All-in-One Dietary Supplement – Do Your Customers Really Want It?

People who start a business with their private label of nutritional supplements are often interested in changing the formulation. They want to create a product that sets them apart from their competitors. It is understandable. Having a product that appeals to the customer is a prerequisite for success. The reality, however, shows that trying to come up with something new may not always pay off.

Many private label owners would like to have one product for everything when entering the market or introduce an innovation that is not yet on the market. Their motivation is also to relieve the customer from buying individual products. In many cases, the fact that a multipurpose product is not on the market means one thing – customers are not interested in it.


Let’s take an example from the category of vitamins and minerals. You offer a nutritional supplement in a combination of vitamin C + D + zinc. If the customer wants vitamin C, they usually buy a monocomponent product, i.e. a separate vitamin C. The reason is not the price, as it is comparable for both products. It’s more about their preference as the customer is accustomed to a particular product and perceives other ingredients as superfluous in this case.

Another example is collagen. Some brand owners would like to promote collagen products for beauty as well as for joints or other areas. If the customer is looking for beauty collagen, they will focus on nutritional supplements with hair quality improvement or wrinkle reduction stated on the packaging.

If they see that the product is for beauty and joints, they will not buy it. They feel like collagen has a half effect on beauty and half on joints. The customer does not perceive targeting both areas as a benefit. Since they want a 100% beauty product, they will look for another alternative.


You may now be wondering if you should forget about multi-ingredient products. Certainly not. Focus preferably on combinations that are already available on the market and that customers are buying. An example is a multivitamin or magnesium + vitamin B6, which complement each other in relieving stress¹. You can stand out from the competition by product packaging or unconventional marketing.

Care must also be taken when introducing new formulas. Because as it turns out – consumers often do not want all-in-one nutritional supplements, but prefer individual products.

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