What are the supplement trends for 2022?

The pandemic highlighted the importance of a healthy lifestyle. If you are considering a business or already doing business with nutritional supplements, you may find this information valuable. According to a PwC survey, 69% of respondents care more about their physical and mental health due to the coronavirus situation. The nutritional supplement market is expected to grow, and these are the trends you should focus on in 2022:


At present, the importance of immunity is still demonstrated. Therefore, end customers are more interested in foods and nutritional supplements that can support the body’s defences. These are, for example, vitamin Dvitamin C or zinc, the importance of which has also been emphasized by doctors. Customers are also showing an increased interest in the so-called Superfoods such as ginger or turmeric that can help prevent disease.


In recent years, mental health has been gaining prominence. Especially during the pandemic, when our way of life changed, people were more likely to feel stressed and experience sleep problems. Therefore, one of the current trends includes nutritional supplements, which help to improve these two areas. An example is the l-theanine amino acid, which can contribute to relaxation.


Even before the pandemic, people were interested in products promoting skin beauty and health. During it, they have become increasingly aware of the connection between external beauty and internal health as well as factors such as diet, sleep and exercise. Therefore, we expect interest in nutritional supplements, such as collagen and selenium, to continue this year.


We have seen that end customers have become more interested in sustainability and ecology in recent years. Therefore, they prefer products with packaging that can be recycled or was made from environmentally-friendly materials. There is also a growing interest in vegetarian and vegan diets. That means that greener packaging and products suitable for vegans will be on the rise this year.

The supplement market currently provides many opportunities to support the physical and mental health of customers. Contact us, and we will be happy to recommend products that will appeal to them.

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