Top 3 Private Label Supplements to Manufacture This Summer

We know that now customers focus more on choosing a perfect holiday destination than on buying capsules and powders. But the demand for food supplements will start increasing again in September. Therefore, private label owners know that summer is a perfect time for preparing their products for autumn and winter when customers often look for a health boost. Here are three supplement categories you can manufacture during summer: 


2022 study by Food Supplements Europe and Ipsos revealed that the three most popular supplements in the EU are Vitamin D (46%), Vitamin C (36%) and Magnesium (33%). As you know, Vitamin D and Vitamin C are also known as immune-boosting supplements, along with Zinc. Cold weather and the approaching flu season mean that customers choose food supplements that can strengthen their immune system and help them stay healthy.



Recently, we have seen a growing interest in antioxidant supplements. They include, for example, maca rootashwagandhaspirulinachlorella, and lion’s mane mushroom. Market forecasts show that products in this category are expected to see significant growth in the coming years. You can find more information in our article.



Maybe you think about launching a new product before Christmas, or you plan a Black Friday sale. Those two occasions might seem far away, but from our experience, we know it is better to prepare your supplements in advance. That helps to avoid ingredient shortages, unexpected delays or other issues that could ruin your campaign. Private label owners who plan ahead can make sure their products are ready on time. 

Even if your customers are enjoying the hot days by the sea or lake right now, we are here to help you with food supplements for the upcoming season. Feel free to contact us so we can ensure your products will reach people at the right moment.


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