How Are Private Label Supplements Made?

Maybe you are one of the people who dream of their own brand of nutritional supplements. You want to motivate customers to adopt an active lifestyle, help them achieve fitness goals or support their health – there are many reasons. And you may also think that getting your own products takes too long and is too complicated. Thanks to private label production, this may not be the case.

Private label means that products you sell under your brand are made for you by another company. This process has many advantages, and it includes the following steps in our company:


First, you select the nutritional supplements you would like to offer to your customers. Moreover, you determine the product quantity and packaging. We know that this can be challenging, so we will be happy to advise you on choosing the right products to start your brand.


We will then prepare the formulation for your product and, if necessary, send you free samples so you can test it. After your approval, we will provide you with a template for your label, ingredients and other texts that must be stated on the packaging. Based on this information, you will prepare your own product brand and label design.


Subsequently, we enter the production request, where we first check the availability of ingredients in our warehouse. If any of the ingredients are missing, we will order them from our certified suppliers. At the moment, when we have everything we need, we start preparing your nutritional supplements.

We first weigh the ingredients and then prepare the mixture. For example, if you choose collagen powder, the ingredients of your future product will be mixed and can be filled into HDPE jars. In the case of other forms of nutritional supplements, the mixture is filled into capsules or used in the manufacture of tablets.


As a next step, we will fill the nutritional supplements into the packaging type you have chosen when ordering. The jars and tubes are sealed with a special seal to ensure that the products reach your customers intact.

We will add a label with your design and the necessary information, such as ingredients or dosing. In the end, the products go to the warehouse, where we pack them in boxes and load them on pallets.


You can send a courier to pick your products up when the products are ready. There is also the possibility that we will send the products to you through one of our partner shipping companies.

As you can see, most of the operations in our production of nutritional supplements are up to us. Your task is just to choose products and prepare your brand. Would you like to start selling your own products? Contact us and we will be happy to help you take that imaginary first step.

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