White label vs private label supplements – which option is better?

You are sure you want to sell or create your own products. While looking for a manufacturer, you will likely stumble upon white label and private label supplements. But which one to choose? Both are great options if investments in your own production line are out of the question. Although the terms are often used as synonyms, there are some differences between them. Let’s make it clear so you can make an informed decision before filling your warehouse with products. 

In both cases, it is third-party manufacturing. Put differently, you sell the supplements under your brand, but someone else has made them for you.  


White label supplements have ready-made formulas filled into the packaging, and you put your label on it. It means you create your brand (logo, name, colours etc.) but don’t have control over the ingredients or packaging.

Such products do not require expertise from you, as the manufacturer has the necessary know-how. On the other hand, they are generic, such as vitamins and minerals, and may be sold by various business owners. Therefore, branding is the only way to stand out.


Private label is about building the final product together with the manufacturer. You have more control over it as you can decide what you want – form (e. g. vegan/gelatine capsules), the packaging (e. g. pouches, tubes) and ingredients (e. g. a special flavour).

 The supplements will be tailored to your needs, which makes it easier to differentiate yourself from competitors. If you have a solid market overview and know which products are currently popular, you can have them manufactured under your brand. You can find out more about its pros in our article about the 5 benefits of private label supplements.

Should you choose white label or private label supplements?

Both manufacturing types have their benefits. We know that deciding on which option to go with can be hard, so here is a short list of situations when one option might be better than the other.


It is better to choose white label supplements if you:

  • are just starting
  • are a small business and don’t need higher quantities of products
  • don’t need products with custom formulations


Private label supplements are a great option if you:

  • know the supplement industry
  • are experienced in selling supplements
  • want a tailor-made product

To answer the question from the headline of this article – no option is better than the other, and the choice depends on your needs. If you are looking for a reliable company to produce your supplements, our article about the 6 criteria that will help you choose the right manufacturer might be helpful.

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