Vitamin C + D3 + Zinc

Vitamin C + D3 + Zinc


This triple power supports the natural function of the immune system, helps protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce exhaustion and fatigue. It also plays an important role in the body’s response to stress and helps maintain healthy:

  • bones
  • hair, nails & skin
  • eyesight

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Vitamin C contributes to the proper function of the immune system. Its intake results in the production of collagen and the proper function of blood vessels.
Vitamin D helps the body with the absorption and use of calcium. It also regulates bone growth and is necessary for the immune and neuromuscular system.
Zinc is necessary for the proper function of the immune system and fertility. It maintains healthy skin, hair and nails and may boost cognitive function.

Additional information



Daily dose

2 capsules

Daily doses in the packaging



black/white/transparent jar with closure

Shelf life

The product can be stored in the original unopened packaging at ambient temperatures (< 25°C) for 2 years without loss of quality.

Nutritional Information

One capsule contains:

Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid

500 mg 


125 mg

As Zinc 

15,6 mg

Vitamin D3 – 100 000 IU/g- Cholekalciferol

20 mg