Chlorella 500 mg

Chlorella 500 mg


Chlorella is a rich source of chlorophyll, fibre and unique growth factor CGF – phytonutrient, which strengthens probiotic growth, tissue regeneration, helps prevent a whole range of diseases and promotes cell regeneration.

  • organic
  • vegan
  • no additives

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Chlorella is a green algae plant found in freshwater. It is a popular vegan source of iron and vitamin B12 that contains a whole range of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

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Daily dose

4 – 6 tablets

Daily doses in the packaging



black/white/transparent jar with closure

Shelf life

The product can be stored in the original unopened packaging at ambient temperatures (< 25°C) for 2 years without loss of quality.

Nutritional Information

One tablet contains:

Organic Chlorella

500 mg